This Unconstitutional Overreach Just May Have a Silver Lining

This surreal experience with the Wuhan Chinese virus has showed the true colors of many elected officials. They don’t really care about their constituents. They care a lot about exercising power and having control of their constituents.

Some of these power hungry governors (of blue states) have encountered some difficulty with their legislatures and with the public. One governor in particular has been spectacularly tone deaf: Michigan Democrat Governor Christine Whitmer. The Control Queen was put off by the fact that people who are just trying to survive showed up at the Capitol to protest the stay-at-home orders, most of which were unenforceable and ridiculous, e.g., prohibiting neighbors from visiting their next door neighbors, not to mention patently unconstitutional.

Frau Whitmer (yes, that is intended to be a Nazi reference-if the shoe fits), does the freedom of association ring a bell? What about the freedom of assembly? Hint: they’re constitutional rights. I know that it’s cruel to bring up the Constitution to a Democrat, but it is there and applicable to many of your silly orders. Frau Whitmer, a brand new governor, pushed back against the protestors and threatened that the protests may lengthen the stay-a-home orders. Ha!!! We should just call you Frau One Term Whitmer.

You’ve managed to piss off even solid blue voters. Now, HIllary Clinton, the scourge who will not just go away, stoked the fire recently by proclaiming that the protests against the stay-at-home orders are domestic terrorism. So, Hillary, you ought to be in jail, but you’re saying that it’s terrorism to protest against the government. That’s pretty rich. And very damn unAmerican to boot.

However, I think that this classical overreach, which was encouraged and fostered by a lemmings public, will have a silver lining, and it’s this: The United States has been fat, dumb and happy virtually since World War II. Frankly, we got soft about our freedom, and we lost some of it, beginning with 9/11. The overreaching, which will be held unconstitutional if an honest judge gets the case, has awakened that individuality and patriotic spirit that was nonexistent for just about all millennials and had fallen off for many of us.

People are starting to care again and push back against overreaching, and that’s a positive thing. A very good thing. Therefore, I’m willing to take a bit more overreaching, particularly if it stays in effect close to the election, if the public awakens and takes back its freedoms. Next step: Vote out the overreaching bums.

Frau Whitmer, respectfully, f*ck off.

About lpaulhoodjr

I am an inactive lawyer who practiced almost 20 years as a tax and estate planning lawyer. Today, I am a speaker, author and consultant on tax and estate planning. In the recent past, I was the Director of Planned Giving for The University of Toledo Foundation. I am the co-author of six books, the sole author of another book and a frequent speaker and writer on estate planning, planned giving and business valuation.
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