2017 and New Year’s Resolutions

2016 was annus horribilis for me and my family. Both of my parents died this year, as did my uncle, my cousin, and my wife’s Dad. It was one funeral after another. I didn’t blog at all in 2016. For 2017, I resolve to change that and to blog regularly on estate planning, life in general, and possibly some on current events. This will make some of you happy, while it will aggravate some of you. I apologize in advance for the aggravation but not for my views. If you’re offended, I suggest therapy and exhort you to get over it. No offenses are intended; it’s just one flawed person’s views and nothing about which to get exercised.

About lpaulhoodjr

I am an inactive lawyer who practiced almost 20 years as a tax and estate planning lawyer. Today, I am a speaker, author and consultant on tax and estate planning. In the recent past, I was the Director of Planned Giving for The University of Toledo Foundation. I am the co-author of six books, the sole author of another book and a frequent speaker and writer on estate planning, planned giving and business valuation.
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